Integrity, Simplicity And Value

When searching for a professional to perform any sort of service in your home, you should of course, look for a few certain characteristics that set them apart from the status quo. No one wants to pay for shoddy craftsmanship or poor quality products, so when looking for the right person to do the job, what do you look for?


Does this person/business stand behind the product or service they provide, or do they simply sell you something and quickly move on to the next customer? Do they have a reputation for caring for their customers and fixing any problems that may occur? Integrity goes beyond the product and service in the way someone acts and performs in your home. Are they honest, clean, and professional and do they treat you with the respect you deserve as their customer?


As a homeowner, simplicity can be hard to find in such a complex world. When you are able to find a professional who can simplify your life by taking care of all the worrisome tasks and headaches that often accompany any project, you have found a gem. Hiring a truly skilled business person can make your part of any project much simpler.


Too often in today’s world consumers mistake “inexpensive” or “cheap” for value. Though value is associated with the cost, it sometimes has nothing to do with money. Think of this; if it costs $250 for a car with no engine or wheels versus a $2,500 for a car that runs and has good tires, where is the value. The value is, of course, in the good car with the good engine and tires. You are able to more efficiently use the good vehicle. Similar principles apply to projects in your home. Do not always look for the cheapest and quickest turnaround. Quality, integrity, and simplicity create value. And though value may cost more, you will find it is worth it in the long run.

What Is A Light Rail?

I have been in several homes and spoken with several people who do not know what a “light rail” is. Some have asked “is that what you mount your lights on?” while others have it confused with a spindle rail attached to the top of their cabinets. While it is neither of those, it does however have something to do with the lighting in your kitchen.

Growing ever more popular is the concept of under-mounted cabinet lighting. This is where slim profiled lights are mounted under the upper cabinets to light up the countertops below. Oftentimes even though these lights have a slim profile, they are still visible below the cabinets. To some this is unsightly and they do not want to see anything but the cabinetry and the décor in their kitchen. So as a solution, cabinetmakers came up with a “light rail” which is nothing more than a piece of decorative trim mounted to the bottom of the upper cabinets which brings the face of the cabinets lower than the profile of the lights, making the lights seemingly disappear.

Light Rail

The light rail actually serves a dual purpose. Not only does it cover any under-mounted cabinet lights, it also adds a finishing touch to the upper cabinets, giving them more of a look of furniture rather than just a box with a door hanging on the wall.

Light Rail

If you live in Knoxville, or the surrounding east Tennessee area and would like to learn more about giving your kitchen cabinets that finishing touch only a light rail can give, call us today and we will be glad to give you an estimate.

Kitchen Work Table

I just completed and delivered a work table for my neighbor. I built it to match the hardwood floors in his kitchen and the style of the table matches his dining room table.

Kitchen Work Table DSCN4938DSCN4937

The table was made of maple, distressed and glazed.

A New Dishwasher In An Old Kitchen

I often take a phone call from a distressed homeowner who has just installed a new appliance and for one reason or another it doesn’t fit or something is drastically different and needs modified in order to look right. I recently made this new dishwasher look like it was original to the kitchen.

Dishwasher Door

You can see more pictures of this project in the “Custom Color Matching” gallery.

New Appliances?

Are you getting new appliances and are worried that they won’t fit?

No problem! Whether you have just purchased a new and bigger refrigerator, or the latest microwave to replace your old one, Procraft Woodworks can customize your kitchen cabinets to create the proper opening for your new appliance.

Procraft Woodworks serves the greater Knoxville and East Tennessee area. So if you live in Maryville, Farragut, Powell or Pigeon Forge, give us a call and we will be glad to do what we do best to help you.

Kitchen Cabinetry Price Vs. Value

When it comes to your kitchen, where do you get the greatest value?

Many people today find it difficult to identify the difference between value and price. Often the budget dictates the parameters of the price one is willing to pay. So what can you do to get the greatest bang for your buck and best value for your kitchen?

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Usable space – custom cabinets allow for the maximization of usable space in your kitchen.
  2. This is especially helpful in a small house where space is at a  premium.
  3. Durability – many manufacturers use the cheapest topcoats they can get away with.
  4. Poor quality topcoats lead to the finish fading, chipping, or gumming up much sooner than
  5. the better quality finishes.
  6. Color – when you shop the big box stores and cabinet dealers, you are limited to what they
  7. offer. A custom cabinet maker is often able to match any color and finish style you want and
  8. give you exactly what you are looking for.
  9. Value – depending on your tastes and style, custom cabinets can usually be built and installed
  10. in your home at about the same cost as a high end manufactured cabinet. Combining the most
  11. usable space with the durability and quality throw in a little personal customer service and you
  12. have a winning combination.

An Economic Dilemma

Many people today are facing a dilemma in their kitchens. They need to remodel or update their kitchen to bring it into the twenty first century. I have been in homes where the cabinets were original to the house and the house was built in the fifty’s. You may have a home similar to this. Back when the house was built those particular cabinets were the standard of the day. But we are in the here and now, so what do we do. Here is where the economic dilemma arises.

With such a fragile economy, most people cannot afford new kitchen cabinetry. Many try (and fail) to update their kitchen by simply changing the hardware, attempting to add a “fresh look” with new door knobs and drawer pulls. Of course they would love to have a new kitchen, but do not have the funds for it.

Procraft Woodworks specializes in custom color matching to assist you in making the changes in your kitchen that you need. This can enable you to change the layout of your existing kitchen, change the style of the doors and drawer fronts, add crown mold and a light rail to your upper cabinets and even add decorative carvings, or columns to your cabinets at a fraction of the cost of new cabinetry. So consider what you may like to do in your kitchen and let Procraft Woodworks help you find an economical way to get the kitchen you want.

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